Tracy Nemecek, LMHC

BA, Psychology & English, University of Notre Dame 
MA, Community Counseling, Loyola University Chicago

My background in school settings has shaped my approach to counseling, which is educational in nature and focused on supporting learning about the self, relationships, and social-emotional skills.

  • A cognitive-behavioral focus will guide us in examining the connections between events, thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

  • A psychoeducational perspective will aid us in strengthening self awareness, self regulation, social awareness, relationship skills, and healthy decision-making.

From the foundation of a strong and supportive therapeutic relationship, we will examine and work toward a greater understanding of:

  • symptoms and their functions. Physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms serve the purpose of calling our attention to ourselves and alerting us to the need to investigate further.

  • thinking patterns. Thought patterns start to become clear when we take a closer look at our self talk--what we say to ourselves when we are thinking. Over time, our self talk can become distorted and we may find ourselves seeing our experiences through a variety of negative filters. Becoming aware of and then reframing these distortions can help us to view our lives with greater accuracy and through a lens of self support.

  • behavioral tendencies. Behaviors become established as we attempt to get our needs met. Once we feel more clear about what we want and need from ourselves and others, we can work to get those needs met in more healthy and direct ways.

Together, we will develop an individualized plan that combines insight about symptoms, thoughts, behaviors and experiences with a toolkit of coping skills to help you to feel more empowered to achieve success in your relationship with yourself, with others, and in your life roles.